Tuchel reiterated his commitment to field work

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Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has stressed that. He and his players are committed to working on the pitch. Although it cannot be denied that now the football club has encountered many stories.

The Blue Lions defeated Norwich City 3-1 in the Premier League on Thursday. As a result, the famous London team have now collected 56 points from 27 games. Holding them in third place.

After the game at Carrow Road. The German was asked by Sky Sports about the UFABET current situation at the club, especially in the case of owner Roman Abramovich. Who was recently ordered by the UK authorities Freeze property.

The matter has disrupted the previous announcement of the club’s sale and Chelsea are continuing discussions with the authorities to find a solution.

“Of course, all the time it’s big news It was huge and had a huge impact. So it’s the main point of discussion.” Chelsea coach said.

“Maybe on a day like this you want to talk about last night’s Champions League game. But no one talks about it. So it’s nice to have a schedule before going on the pitch. Because it helps us focus as we are used to.

“We can’t go to define it. So we made ourselves enjoy it. We have the privilege of playing and sometimes it’s nice to sweat it out. We try to work hard to concentrate.

“I want to talk about sports but of course I understand that you have a lot of questions. We are still having fun so that’s why it is.”