Manchester United Scott McTominay says the team must play better

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Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay says the team must play better. In particular, standing and maintaining results throughout the game.

The Red Devils defeated Burnley 3-1 in the Premier League on Thursday, moving United to sixth place with 31 points from 18 games.

“Maybe it was the team in the first half. (who performed the best under the Rangnik era) The second half looks a bit smooth. for whatever reason We have to perform like that for 90 minutes, which we couldn’t do this year. ”

“But we are learning and adapting. The Newcastle game was a tough one. And we have to bounce back from that. The manager said we set a record for the most number of turnover losses in the league. We have to keep the ball better.

“Goals help with energy, if we get two or three away at Newcastle it helps with energy for the whole team. it is important Now is the time to really upgrade. And doing more, better. The manager is someone who needs a lot and we play for Manchester United, it’s what we have to do.

“A lot of times this season I have gone deeper. Last season I was able to get into the penalty area more. This morning I struggled hard playing with my right foot. But I got through it. I’m fine. We are learning and adapting. We play for Manchester United, we dominate the game and we want results.

“Body language is one thing and the manager comes in and says he wants to cut that out. we are understanding

“It’s the same old thing. But we don’t want to look any further. The next game against Wolves is the most important thing.