Hit every way! ‘Inter Milan’ chops up ‘Lukaku’ Betrayal

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Inter Milan supporters post an IG criticizing Romelu Lukaku for betraying the club and the fans who always support it. Ready to compare the spear head of the problem It was like a low-ranking mercenary who could be bought with money.

At the beginning of the week, “Python”, who has been trying since the market opened. A preliminary agreement was made with Chelsea, but could not contact Lukaku. The

Italian media revealed that Lukaku had been unhappy with Simone Inzaghi since half the season before. Especially being dropp as a substitute in the final Champions League

At the same time, the 30-year-old Belgian spearman is still negotiating with an important opponent like “Zebra”, but it is expect to happen, there must be a release of Dusan Vlahovic Lukaku having a period

with Inter, including 3 seasons, played 97 league games, scored 57 goals, plus got 1 scudetto and the latest situation makes the deadly football fans “Nerazzurri” very disliked

. And he’s going to do it again,” the group Ultra Kurva Nord wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

“It’s not because Lukaku enjoys betrayal.

“Inter fans helped Lukaku during difficult times, fans of teams interested in Lukaku used to insult him. Which we help protect ′

′ Now Lukaku pays back with betrayal. It’s not different from when Brutus used a knife to stab Julius Caesar’s back ′′ ′′

Lukaku kissed the Inter club badge, which football fans value more than their lives. but just like a low-ranking mercenary Well, this player will sell himself to the highest bidder ′

′ Before becoming a champion. You have to be a man first, which Lukaku isn’t.”

“Romelu, you betrayed us all, bye, traitor.”

Yesterday, Juventus fans gathered in front of the club to oppose the signing. Lukaku and it seems that Inter fans will not accept this player back either.