Forest invaded Sheffield United 2-1 before cutting the play-offs.

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Forest stock up on the advantages first. When they went to beat Sheffield United 2-1 in the play-off game. They were promoted. Semi-final first match. Which will return to play the second match at the home of the jungle army. This coming Tuesday night.

Football England Championship

play off promotion Semi-final first leg

Sheffield United 1 – Forest 2

Stadium: Bramall Lane

In just 10 minutes, the visiting team shocked the home team before Sam Surridge opened for Philip. Zinkkernagel, full of pressure, Wes Forderingham can brush off. UFABET But the ball is not out of harm’s way through Jack Colback, who has repeatedly followed the second sword, leaving Forest invaded 1- 0

After 8 minutes, Sheffield United have a chance to draw. From the corner kick opened to John Egan, who filled the game up to hit the full attack. But there was Surridge, who stood in control of the line, narrowly blocked it. 

Forrest was almost up at 22 minutes, a surge of Zinc Kernagel. Before continuing for Surridge to fire. But this time the ball was not difficult to enter the envelope of Forderingham. 

The visiting team dominated the game and had a chance to win in the 35th minute, Coleback cut the ball. before flowing up the front for Brennan Johnson to fall into the pressure Forderingham narrowly dismissed 

  A minute later, a James Garner cross from the left came in the middle of the goal for Ryan Yates to flick off the back again. Ending the first half, Forest still leads only 1-0. 

In the second half.

55 minutes, Sheffield United went ahead and had a small chance Morgan Gibbs-White got the ball in front of the frame. Before flowing until Sander Berge dropped into the shot, but did not press down, the ball slipped behind disappointingly. 

Continuing with the 58th minute, Gibbs-White tried a long shot with the left from outside the box. The ball curves into the corner, but Breeze Zongba jumps and grabs it easily. 

But back to the jungler who came to have 2 tablets leading away in the 71st minute, Joe Lolley had dropped into the shot in the frame. The first stroke blocked John Fleck, but the ball still bounced into the way of Brennan Johnson, who inserted the batten into the triangle decisively. 

A pair of swords didn’t easily follow through in injury time, with defender Jack Robinson filling in the game to head the corner. 

End of the game, Forest invaded to cut the chef. United stocked up 2-1 before returning to the nest in match 2 on Tuesday 17 May.