Recommended ways to eat 5 fruits that are high in sugar 

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Thai fruits are foods that foreigners like to eat. But these delicious, sweet flavors may come with sugar. and energy that may easily make us fat, so Dr. Bancha Khakhong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health Therefore, we would like to recommend a way to eat fruits so that the amount of sugar is not too much. and receive full benefits

5 fruits high in sugar How to eat to get the benefits

Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants. In one day you should eat 3-5 portions of fruit and eat a variety because each type of fruit has different amounts of vitamins and minerals. The 5 types of Thai fruits will provide different nutritional values ​​and properties that are good for the body. You should eat the appropriate amount per meal as follows:

  1. Mangosteen contains xanthones, which have anti-inflammatory effects. Reduce knee joint pain, 1 part equals 4 results.
  2. Longan is a source of vitamin C. But it gives high sugar. You should eat just enough, 1 portion equals 5-6 fruits.
  3. Longkong is a source of potassium and dietary fiber, which has the property of reducing heat that occurs within the body. Reduces the symptoms of heat in the mouth: 1 part is equal to 5-6 results.
  4. Rambutan contains vitamin C and calcium to help prevent colds. Strengthens bones and teeth. 1 part equals 4 results.
  5. Durian contains beta-carotene and potassium. But it is a fruit that has a sweet taste. Provides high energy, 1 part is equal to 1 small pellet.

Durian is high in sugar and not suitable for everyone.

For durian It is a fruit that is not suitable for diabetic patients, so it is necessary to limit its intake to appropriate amounts. Because if eaten in large quantities It will cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly. Eating too much durian will cause internal heat and discomfort.

Avoid sugar from processed fruits.

To really get the benefits of fruit, you should choose to eat the right amount of fresh fruit instead of canned or dried fruit. To give the body better nutritional value