Thierry Henry has hailed Scott McTominay’s performance

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has hailed Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay’s performance. It was in their 3rd home win over Burnley. -1 in the English Premier League game on Thursday night.

         The Scottish midfielder gave the team the lead in the eighth minute as they secured the man-of-the-match title of the game, with Henry highly lauded for McTominay’s performance in this game.

         “The symbol for tonight is McTominay,” Henry told Amazon Prime, “He’s reacted very well, the energy, the desire, the determination are what you need from the players of this club.”

         “You will always be compare to the players who were before. But what I love about him is his maturity on the pitch and off the pitch.”

         “He played really well. But he also misses the performance of the team. He grew up as the leader of this team.”

‘We have to go back to the basics of football. We have to tackle, we have to run, we have to create.

‘If we are not running and competing in the first 15 minutes. It is going to be difficult, no matter what the quality of our forward players.

‘An old cliche in football. We are going through a transitional period. We can’t look too far ahead in terms of ambitions and goals.

‘We want to enjoy football, there is too much negativity, and if you enjoy it you will end up playing well.’