Cesar Azpilicueta was disappointed with yesterday’s 1-1 draw

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Cesar Azpilicueta The Chelsea captain admitted he was disappointed with yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Brighton as it ended 2021 in a rough way. Because he originally wanted to press three points to show off his young followers at Stamford Bridge.

‘ Blues ‘ contributions for December . C . 7 league games, winning just three pages. Points dropped to 9 points until this time, 8 points behind Manchester City at the top of the crowd.  

As a result , Azpilicueta So I would like to speak on behalf of my comrades to apologize to the fans who were unable to end the era with three points.  

“ It is disappointing, ” the statement told the ufabet official website. 

“ Of course I took the opportunity to shut down the game. As well, competitors have a chance to win the door. We left our opponents in the game for sure, conceding a last-minute goal that dropped two more points was really disappointing. Everyone on the team was not happy. ”  

“ I knew from the beginning that Brighton would create difficulties. Knew they would come high pressed. limited opportunities Therefore, attack the night with a counter-attack that should be more decisive. ” 

” They create opportunities to 2-3 , the football quality. We lost two players injured in the first half. until the team is in a bad situation It’s not an excuse But last night’s game, the team worked hard, almost got three points. ” 

The current situation where the gap with the leader is increasing, but the way Azpilicueta is not discouraged. Let’s fight match – to – match to reach the end of the championship.  

“ We had two or three players lost before , another coronavirus situation. Plenty of points dropped outside the house – may affect back to hurt. ” 

“The English Premier League is the hardest league in the world. All opponents are difficult. But no matter when you miss three points, it’s all disappointing. ” 

” We want to win the game and hopefully be able to start the new year brings good game for the fans here were Liverpool (2 m . C .)”.

“ The current situation is not good. But we still have to be one. hold on tight It might not be an easy time. But we have to pass this stone hour. ” 

Chelsea was increased the price of the 2021-22 season champion to 12/1 ( thrust 1, pay 12, excluding capital ), against City, reduced to only 1/7 ( thrust 7, pay 1, excluding capital )